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    About us

    We are a team specialized in providing consulting services, technical assistance and support in the design, strategy and execution of in a diverse range of projects, with the objective of promoting a continuous development inside and outside the country.

    • International Cooperation
    • Investment Promotion
    • Domestic and International Industry and Trade
    • Planning, Management and Developement

    Alternativas y Soluciones Múltiples del Sureste (ASMS) was created to provide quality, responsible and strategic advice in the management of public and private initiatives.



    To be your trusted advisor so that together we can make your great project, company or institution grow, through our expertise with high value solutions, through a properly structured planning and strategy ensuring the success of the project implementation.



    To provide professional services with accurate solutions with the highest technical and ethical standards, through strategic consulting services which contribute to innovation, development, growth and long-term benefits for your company or institution.



    To be a leader in the strategic consultancy industry, characterized by a high quality service, specialization and positioning in the market, promoting and encouraging innovation, development and growth at a national and international scale.

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    We offer specialized consultancy in:


    Support in the evaluation process and feasibility study of projects that wish to relocate to Mexico. Accompaniment within the site selection and softlanding process.

    Site Selection

    We help your business with advice and analysis of strategic location for your expansion, solutions in negotiations, corporate real estate services, helping to optimize your growth decision.

    Soft Landing

    We advise foreign companies to establish operations in Mexico, providing tools, contacts and infrastructure necessary to introduce themselves, accelerate and identify opportunities to grow their businesses.

    International agenda coordination

    Consultancy and organization of itineraries for economic promotion, coordination of promotion seminars focused on specific sectors

    Negotiation and trade agreements

    Assist in the negotiation of new trade and investment agreements, in order to consolidate Mexico as the primary trade and investment destination.

    Institutional and Government Support

    We provide a practical strategy for economic development closely aligned with the objectives of the institution or governmental entities.

    Organizational structure

    Design of the organizational structure, development of the promotion team and positioning as a transitory investment promotion entity.

    Market selection

    Selection of industries and target markets for promotion (trade, construction, agribusiness, health services, education, tourism and free trade zones).

    Industrial and residential real estate consultancy.

    Analysis and proposals of industrial, commercial, residential and vertical lots, through market research offering the best solution according to your needs.

    Consultancy - Innovation - Development

    We provide accurate, timely and updated information to facilitate your decision making process in order to establish synergies,

    as well as to achieve and surpass the objectives determined by our clients.


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    We highlight our experience in providing technical assistance and support services

    To provide export and internationalization advisory services.

    Consulting on industries, business models and international cooperation, international agreements, global value chains and foreign trade, for the structuring and implementation of high-value projects.

    • Propose and introduce measures to improve and innovate the mechanisms to promote competitive export supply.
    • Training to bring the products and services of companies to the export stage.
    • Analyze and take advantage of trade and investment agreements signed by Mexico, in order to provide support for economic growth.
    • To strengthen participation in multilateral and regional trade organizations and forums in order to follow up on and monitor compliance with international commitments related to international trade policies.

    Analysis of the implementation of measures with the most significant impact on regulatory improvement.

    Consulting for the establishment of clear regulations, simplified procedures and services, aimed at obtaining the greatest possible value from the available resources and the optimal functioning of commercial, industrial, productive, service and human development activities of society as a whole.

    - Assistance in processes for the development of a project in its several stages:

    • Technical-legal assessment.
    • National and International Best Practices Benchmarking.
    • Development of the Solution Proposal.
    • Assessment of Regulatory Improvement Implementation.

    Strategic media communication, social and discursive graphics.

    Image enhancement, which includes the development of branding for promotion and preparation of deliverables, dissemination of content and translation of international material into the key languages.

    • Specialized diffusion in economic subjects in media with national and international reach.
    • Content format strategy to reach the target audience.
    • Preparation of reports, statistics, infographics of economic indicators and deliverables with content translation in the key languages.

    We have Official Translator Experts certified by the Superior Court of Justice.

    Conduct market research for various industrial sectors.

    Market research to analyze the commercial and economic potential of an idea, a business project, a product or a service.

    We analyze the characteristics of the target industry, providing the basis to start investing in the development of the product and thus ensure decision making and better understanding of the landscape".

    • Position of the product or service in the market.
    • Main characteristics of supply and demand.
    • Analysis of possible distribution and commercialization channels.
    • Feasibility report.


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